Experience and knowledge are fundamental elements in our production, and based on traditions we bring BOEN in to your daily life. We have been around for a while; check our history and learn why you can rely on BOEN flooring.

As early as 1641, there were two saw mills in operation at the BOEN waterfall on the Topdals river near Kristiansand, in the south of Norway.  For over 350 years the people at BOEN have manufactured timber and in all those years quality has remained the essential point behind all their labours.

From sawmill to hardwood flooring factory

Over the centuries the people at BOEN went forward, finding the best solutions, making the best products. At the turn of the centuries, one basic principle has remained at the core of BOEN's culture and history; respect for nature's resources. The raw materials have always been and remain the key to BOEN's existence.

Out into the world

During the 1970's BOEN began exporting their production concept and one of the factories built was Th. Höhns KG GmbH, in Germany. The owners of BOEN took over this company in 1976. 
Together, BOEN and Höhns were able to establish one of the most modern production lines for multi-layer hardwood flooring in Europe. In addition, Höhns had a central location in relation to important harbours for shipping overseas and was close to the main markets of Europe - this made the logistic easy and opened the world for BOEN.

BOEN was introduced in the Netherlands in 1967 and export from Norway and Germany has played an important part of the business and the introduction of BOEN in United States at the begining of the 1980's and Höhns in France and Spain were important moves.

An international player

The increased international operation has necessitated the change to an even more streamlined service. In 2003 the BOEN Group decided to bring all marketing activities under one brand name - BOEN. The BOEN Group is constantly strenghtening its position. In addition to production sites in Russia, Lithuania and Croatia, BOEN has sales offices in Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Hong Kong and USA.

Europe's leading provider in the premium segment

In 2013, Boen and the Swiss hardwood flooring manufacturer Bauwerk Parkett AG merged to become the Bauwerk Boen Group. The combination of two complementary companies with well-established brands has made the Group Europe's leading provider in the premium segment and the second-largest participant in the wood flooring market.

Ernst Göhner Beteiligungen AG expands majority to 98%

In 2019 Ernst Göhner Foundation takes over the remaining shares of Bauwerk Boen Group from historical Norwegian owner Johan G. Olsen Group, Norwegian-based holding company, thereby expanding its majority position to 98%. This transaction underlines Ernst Göhner Beteiligungen AG’s long-term commitment to Bauwerk Boen Group, Europe’s leading parquet flooring manufacturer.

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